Why Join Aubrey and Associates Realty

We are a local, veteran owned and operated company. We are agent centric, debt free and a low overhead company.

All decisions that the company makes are based on what is best for the agent while maintaining profitability.

We focus on the wants and needs of the agents, from our training, tools, and other offerings. We are an open door company, we put in writing that if we're not a good fit, you are free to take your listings.

Our philosophy is built on the idea that if we simply serve the agent, the company will be successful.

We take your client's earnest money seriously, we will hold their money in the company trust account for safekeeping.

We offer great training, from One On One Mentoring, Webinars to large CE Classes. Topics range from Lead Generation, Efficiencies,  to Saving money on your taxes.

We believe the proper tools make all the difference and only promote tools that we use ourselves.

What Others Are Saying
We are a little partial about the company, so if you like us so far check out what others have to say.